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Falafel Boy is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant and as passionate and as homegrown as they come. Since its start in January of 2017, Falafel Boy has been bringing high-quality, 100% clean, and ever-tasty food to the Bay Area. Brought to you by Generations of perfecting and given to us by Grandma, our recipes are include: Fresh Hormone-free Halal Protein, Locally Sourced Produce and Spices, Quality and Quantity Checked, and served in eco-friendly containers. Here at Falafel Boy, we believe It’s absolutely necessary that all people can have access to yummy food that’s good for the body and the heart, and that’s exactly what can be found in Oakland and Danville and the soon-to-be San Francisco location.

Tasty Food, Good Prices and Healthy Ingredients

The legacy of Falafel Boy continues to grow just as the legacy of Falafel Boy’s grandma and mother continues to live on. If tasty food, clean ingredients, and good prices are what you’re after, you don’t have to look any further than Falafel Boy. You are invited to come and partake, and enjoy the true flavors of the Mediterranean

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Falafel Boy
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kateryna mkateryna m
01:22 11 Oct 22
Loved their vegan falafel wrap and sweet treat with rose petals. definitely will come back!!
Marlon EvangelistaMarlon Evangelista
20:24 14 Sep 22
Yummy falafels with the tahini sauce. The kebabs looked good also, so I will try one next time.
Neesh ShahNeesh Shah
22:20 19 Jun 22
I love Falafel but most times it is a chore finding a place that makes them the right way. Sometimes they are too dry, sometimes too crunchy etc. At Falafel Boy I was pretty happy with my meal. I just got a Falafel wrap and the flavors and textures were good. The only issue I had was with the wrap itself. It was very tough and took me out of the experience. I would be willing to give it another shot though, given how good everything else was.I also ordered the halloumi which was a little too charred and honestly not salty enough. Still, it could have just been an off day.
Noelle SantosNoelle Santos
21:38 09 May 21
Came for falafel, got great falafel (and hummus and lebne!) Loved the sauce and would definitely come again. Friendly staff even brought an umbrella outside for us!
Laiken WhittersLaiken Whitters
21:25 16 Nov 20
A go-to for Mediterranean in the Bay Area. Timely delivery and food is very fresh and delicious! Highly recommend the plates and kebabs - not only are they all delicious, but you get so much food (great value) and just as tasty leftover.



Get Falafel Your Way, the best way

Falafel, a timeless Middle Eastern delicacy, has captivated taste buds around the world with its crispy exterior and flavorful interior. While it’s readily available in many restaurants, there’s something truly special about crafting your own falafel at home. In this article, we’ll explore the art of making falafel your way—creating a dish that not only satisfies your taste preferences but also offers a rewarding culinary experience.

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